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So I wanted to share with you a little bit about Thrive and our story with it so far!! A couple months ago before I was pregnant I tried the Thrive experience on a complete whim, I had seen people posting pictures with these weird patches and to be honest it sparked my interest! I got my 3 day sample and let me say I was blown away….
That picture right there shows you exactly how you Thrive, it’s 3 easy steps and your set for the rest of the day!! I can tell you that during these 3 days I accomplished more and just felt great all day long!! 
Let me be honest with you here…most days wrangling two babies is ALOT, and by nap time I am just spent so with scheduled babies I get the luxury of laying down & sleeping while they do because honestly I NEED it, I am drained and just can’t seem to function without this little refresher! Well the 3 days I was thriving I didn’t even nap….insanity!! My husband didn’t know what had gotten into me. I was wanting to do things like shampoo the carpets, so not me! Lol I’m just telling you it was the Thrive!! He just couldn’t believe it, did I mention he is the worlds biggest skeptic?! He wanted NO part of Thrive so that was that, 3 days of feeling great and loving Thrive and it was over, wamp wammpp!! 
Fast forward 6 months….my mom starts Thriving, she’s hooked! She teaches 20 something 5 year olds so this sweet woman is in need of a boost and she gets its with Thrive! Amazing! 
Now to a week ago, my sister & her husband start Thriving and I’m noticing a trend here…all of my family is feeling great and my family over here is not Thriving…that’s gotta change!! My sister is now 8 days without a Dr. pepper and and that’s a BIG deal! She is also losing weight! I told my sister I have to get Matt (my husband) to try it, so she immediately gets me a 3 day sample for him to try…he reluctantly agrees and we get him started!!
I am so excited to say he just finished his 3 day trial and we immediately signed up to be brand promoters with my sister (what do you know? Even the biggest skeptics see that Thrive is the REAL deal)  He was absolutely blown away with the products and how he felt! Yesterday was his 1st day without the 3 step Thrive experience and he could tell a noticeable difference in how tired and run down he felt compared to the 3 days he was on Thrive! 

A few things I want to mention because I’m sure some of you are wondering! 
-I was breastfeeding when I did my 3 day sample and it had no effect on little man or my supply! These products are all natural and are pharmaceutical grade but we always recommend double checking with your doctor if you have any questions! 
-I am currently not using the 3 step Thrive products until I further discuss them with my doctor while pregnant!
-We offer products that cater to men & women! 
-I am still very much an active Younique presenter so don’t let this confuse you! Me and my hubby just saw an opportunity to help other people feel good from the INSIDE as well as from the OUTSIDE with the best makeup on the market! So get with me if you need any makeup as well!! 
Here are some little brochures about all of the products along with ingredient lists!

If you are tired, wanting something to boost your weight loss, require insane amounts of coffee, or simply wanting something to change the way you feel forever then let’s get you some Thrive!! Message/email me with any questions and we can get you some ASAP!! And if you have 2 people you know that would want to experience this with you then yours would be FREE!!! Let’s talk!!!
Click HERE to learn more and browse my website!!!


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