Wait, what? | My toddler just said that?

One of my favorite things about having a toddler is listening to them talk! You too? It’s seriously so funny to just sit and listen to them. You never know what might come out of their mouth & that makes for some interesting conversations! Its like they know all these words and just don’t know how to put them all together, yet sometimes they surprise you and you think, wait…my toddler just said what??

I wish somedays I had a recording of the conversations that go on inside our house because with 2 toddlers blabbing all day, lets just say things get interesting! I have compiled a few things my babes have said as well as some of my favorite mom bloggers for a list that will surely have you ROTFL! (rolling on the floor laughing, for those of my non-acronym readers, HA!)

Gre: Mommmmm, Huxxy is so freakin whiney! (ps. she got in trouble for saying freakin, HA!)

Kaige: (as he is “discovering” his private parts) Look at my little weenie hiney!

Gre: Mom, when you wear that turquoise pajama thing, you still look like you have a baby in your belly! (ugh)

Gre: Mom, you have wayyy too many babies, we don’t need anymore (Her daddy agrees…party poopers)

Gre: (at prayer time before bed) Please help K-boy learn to stop being whiney (apparently there is a winey trend at our house, but not her of course…)

Kaige: Look mom I poop in the grass….(frantically run to the backyard, to my horror, its true) and I poop in the grass again (another little piece in a different spot) #FML

Gre: Mom who am I going to marry? (I tell her well we don’t know who it is now and then she says) So once I get married I can have a baby (then I tell her someday you will meet a man, you will fall in love like mommy & daddy and then y’all will decide to have babies someday)….(her face lit up she clinched her fist together and starting shaking them and said) Oh I’m so excited mommy….this life is gonna be so much fun!!

Kaige: mommy, why Huxx eat your boobie?

Be sure to click each blog name in pink to learn more about some of my favorite mom bloggers!

Bethanie from The Garcia Diaries:

*me changing my clothes* 2yo: Mommy… Put your shirt on… I don’t like your body.

*My husband shaved his head* 2yo: daddy! You look goofy!

*one year old falls and hits her head on the floor* 1yo: DONT DO THAT, FLOOR! *hits floor*

*at the mall* *my chair squeaks* 2yo: MOM! YOU FARTED?! I heard that!!! Me: it was my chair. Husband: no, mom farted, guys! 2yo and 1yo: EWWWW! MOM FARTED!

Joanna from Motherhood & Merlot:

I’m so tired of being a crazy person. I don’t want to do crazy things anymore, it makes me so disappointed.

I had to poop so bad it’s driving me insane!

Can I paint the house in glitter to make it so, so sparkling? (After she decided to color on the walls in yellow crayon.)

Kat from KatCarah

Harrison to Delaney while I’m trying (key word TRYING) to potty train her: “DELANEY. Just push it out your pajima (pronounced: pah-j-eye-ma). No, not up there, where your penis should be.”

Every morning before I make the kids’ waffles, I mean, organic eggs and wheat toast…Harrison instructs me, vehemently, not to burn his food. So, I took extra special care to not burn his precious food, and he’s parading around the house telling Delaney “She didn’t burnt it, Delaney! SHE DIDN’T BURNT IT!” As if this is a rare occurrence.

Kelly from Oohbother

Oliver: Mom, what shape is my imagination? (HA! That’s an easy one)

(when I was pregnant with my youngest Archie) Oliver: Um, Mom – is Archie wearing a diaper in there?”

I mean we have to love them, despite their #nofilter ways and brutal truth! Sometimes I wish we could all pull the #toddlercard and get away with saying anything that crossed our mind in hopes that everyone would laugh or think it was cute! #keepondreamin

What are some of the funniest/harshest (because soemtimes those are the same) thing your child has ever said? Oh to be a toddler….



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