Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and personally I love all of the love! A day to spread love & kindness is the perfect opportunity to show your loving heart to others! Even though it is thought to be a “romantic” holiday I say spread love to anyone around you & only good things can come from it! For me, Valeninte’s Day can be a struggle! Matt is the hardest person to buy for because he never gives me any clues so a lot of times I just go with a sweet card, hand written love tickets, a sticky note pad full of things I love about him, etc! Some people think V-Day is cheesy but I say any day to go above and beyond to make someone feel special never gets old! It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, a lavish date or a trip somewhere amazing. Spend whatever time you have together loving one another, telling them how important they are and truly showing them how much they mean to you and your Valentine’s Day is sure to be a great one! BUT in case your husband/significant other loves spoiling you with gifts, I’ve rounded up a few fun ones! 

1. Ugg Slippers // 2. Eye Mask // 3. Lip Gloss// 4. Pom Pom Beanie

5. Pink PJs // 6. Heart of Gold Mug// 7. Luggage

8. Heart Bag // 9. Phone Case // 10. Gold Stemless Glasses

Seriously gimme all of these things!! I couldn’t help but stick with a pink/gold color scheme because what’s Valentine’s Day without a little lot of PINK?!  I hope you all have the most amazing Valentine’s Day and you’re showered with love & appreciation! <3

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