Week 30

Well we have officially made it to 30 weeks….only 10 more to go! Holy cow! ๐Ÿ™‚
 I have had a great pregnancy so far and am getting more & more anxious to meet my little girl! We have already had her baby shower because I am a planner and like to get stuff done early! Everything is put away in her closet and ready to play dress up! She has some of the most adorable outfits, its ridiculous really how many outfits, bows, shoes & tutu’s our little princess has!
I am feeling great, just get tired very easy! Still no stretch marks yet and I am praying they don’t show up! I have gained a total of 18 lbs!!! whoa! I miss a couple of things such as tanning, enjoying some cocktails, sleeping on my tummy & being in a regular workout routine to stay skinny! All of those things are a tiny tiny price to pay for a healthy, baby girl! ๏ปฟWe are hopefully going to finish up her room in the next few weeks and I will post a picture of the finished product!


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