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SheInside, Winter Jacket

Winter style in Texas is hard to really get excited about, I usually buy all of this cute stuff for cold weather & then don’t get to wear it near as much as I would like! If you’ve been around here for awhile then you know I always talk about the bipolar Texas weather. This last week it was like spring days were upon us & today it was back down in the 30s so I thought it would be the perfect day to share with y’all this jacket that I can not get enough of. You have seen it on my insta, and I’m sorry I just can’t stop wearing it! #sorrynotsorry

This jacket is literally like being wrapped up in a cloud all day. It’s so snuggly, so well made and keeps me warm when needed because this girl hates being cold…like hates it with a passion. I don’t have to worry about getting cold with this puffy little thing though. It has the cutest hood and the arms are fitted so it’s actually flattering and looking stylish instead of just another boring jacket!

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You can purchase it here for under $35! And shop the rest of their clothes here!

Even though this jacket warms me up and makes winter days more tolerable, I’m over winter! I don’t know how you girls do it where you get snow, ice, and freezing temps for months at a time!! We are going cray-cray over here being stuck inside all day! I’m ready for sun kissed cheeks, water days and patio sittin’  with my little family! #byewinter I won’t miss ya, but I will miss your cute clothes!

A huge thank you to SheIn for sponsoring today’s post! Thank you for helping support my blog & the things I share with all of you!

Pictures by Kingdom Come Photography!


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